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If you operate or manage a logistics or trucking business, you likely own a number of commercial trucks, trailers and vans. These commercial vehicles, more so than typical automobiles, need thorough, regular scheduled maintenance to keep your business running effectively.

Fleet maintenance is a non-negotiable aspect of the trucking business. Fleet operators and managers who comply with manufacturer scheduled maintenance procedures can expect the following benefits:

Extended Fleet Life

The primary objective of regular fleet maintenance is to prolong the life of not one or two commercial vehicles but the entire fleet. Vehicles that are maintained properly perform better with fewer instances of major breakdowns.

Avoidance of Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance of commercial trucks allows commercial truck mechanics to discover and correct issues before they develop into a major problem. This can help you avoid major repairs which could involve very expensive repair costs. While routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes is a constant regular expense, it is actually just a fraction of what you could spend when a breakdown occurs due to the absence of regular maintenance.

Consider this: Neglecting regular oil changes can lead to the damage of the engine’s moving internal parts. The cost of changing oil and appropriate filter(s) regularly is far less than replacing a neglected, badly damaged engine. If you’re unsure of the maintenance recommendations for your vehicle, make an appointment with a local commercial truck mechanic.

Optimize the Efficiency of Your Fleet

Routine maintenance requires less time to complete than major repair jobs which can take weeks. Trucks that spend less time in shops and more time on the road are making money for your business!

Maximize the performance of your commercial vehicles and improve your business! Have your fleet maintained by Truck N Trailer, Oklahoma City’s preferred truck repair shop.


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