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Batteries and Charging System Repair

Does your medium duty truck’s charging and battery systems need a thorough check and quality repair? It definitely does when:

• the battery light is illuminated
• the truck cranks slowly
• the vehicle stops or dies abruptly
• the dashboard light has become unusually dimmer

If these signs have become evident, it’s time to bring your truck to Truck-N-Trailer, the premier truck service and repair facility in Oklahoma City.

Our team of certified and highly qualified technicians specializes in battery and charging systems repair. We understand that these components of your truck’s electrical system all play a crucial role in its basic performance. To ensure that they all work properly, Truck-N-Trailer will conduct a battery and charging systems evaluation at our fully equipped facility. We will then recommend a repair process to get your delivery vehicle up and running again in no time.


As Oklahoma’s premier family owned and operated truck service and repair facility, Truck-N-Trailer promises customers the best experience from the moment they come in for service. You can expect:

• competitive pricing
• quick turnaround time
• fully equipped facility
• OEM, aftermarket or slightly used parts

Our batteries and charging systems repair facility accepts walk-ins and scheduled appointments to our service facility in Oklahoma. You can be comfortable at our customer waiting lounge while we get to work to get your truck’s electrical systems back in top performing condition.

For help getting your batteries and charging systems repair done right without the hefty pricing, contact Truck-N-Trailer today!

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