Truck AC System Maintenance for the Cold Season

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The cold season is here. For many truck drivers, this means doing some inspection of the truck’s AC system performance. Mechanical issues can arise during the cold season which is why it is important to inspect and perform a truck ac repair prior to the coldest winter months in your area.

Anything that is already damaged or worn out in your truck can get worse now that the temperature has dropped. The reason why you need to do preventive maintenance and truck air conditioning repair now is so that the air conditioning system will work efficiently when defrosting the windshield and side glass by removing moisture from the cab during the winter. You don’t want to find out your AC system stops working in the dead of winter. After all, a comfortable climate is important to a truck driver’s ability to remain focused on the road and driving performance rather than being uncomfortable in the cab during deliveries of goods.

If you don’t take any precautionary measures now, it can result in a major expense later when you least expect it. For instance, A/C leaks are potentially disastrous problems as they can let contaminants into what is designed as a closed system. Moisture, dirt, and other debris can enter the AC system and cause damage to the compressor, drier, and condenser. Thankfully, most issues within your truck’s AC system can be avoided with regular preventive maintenance.

Here are truck ac repair and maintenance tips for the cold season.

Periodically Clean your engine.

Remove all the accumulated dirt from the truck’s engine bay to make it easier to identify any problems.

Run your air conditioner.

Even in the midst of winter, run your truck’s AC system for a few minutes every few weeks to keep it in good condition. Your truck’s air conditioning system has oils and refrigerants that need to circulate to keep all the moving parts lubricated.

Running your air conditioner during winter also dries the air and removes the buildup of moisture in your truck. When steam and frost is present, it can facilitate bacteria and mold growth in the air ducts.

Leave your truck repair to trained professionals.

If you are not comfortable in doing this work, leave your truck repair to the professionals. Their knowledge has given them the capability to be able to identify and trace potential problems in your truck’s AC system. Make an appointment with a trusted truck air conditioning repair technician since they have all the tools needed to correctly diagnose and repair your air conditioning system.


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